Here at The Elevator Company we strive to give back to our community. We love what we do in our elevator world, but we are always looking to see how we can help in our community.

    We are so thankful we were able to put on two Veterans day events in 2018 and 2019 at The VFW in Ontario. We put our minds together and thought on how we could give back to our local heroes. We were able to rally tons of volunteers and small businesses to put on an two unforgettable events. We even got the community together prior to the 1st event to do a huge trash and weeds clean-up in the parking lot behind the VFW and help.

    We have had the local community and businesses donate their time and services and rally together to give back and provide a night to celebrate our heroes. The Elevator Co. organizes the whole event and even some of our employees join and get behind the BBQ. We were also able to give out tons of prizes donated by local businesses. 

     We are so thankful we got to honor our Heroes and that everyone came together to give back. We have had so much fun throwing this event 2 years in a row and look forward to giving back in 2020.  It does take a village, and every little bit helps. If you would like to get involved please call or email us at the office. This is definitely going to be a day you wont want to miss.

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