Meet Jesse....

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Jesse AKA Jesus has been with TEC since 2016.  He is quiet, calm and passionate about his work. You will rarely see him without his The Elevator Company hat on.  He is always eager to learn and help others.  Jesse is a Super Star and was the first in the company to start as a helper with no elevator experience and work his way up to a certified mechanic in record time. TEC is thankful Jesse is apart of our work family. 

 We asked Jesse some questions to get to know him  better:

TEC: What is your favorite thing about your job?

Jesse: Having delightful conversations with Aaron. Also seeing new places and things all the time. 

TEC: If you could be animal what would you be and why? 

Jesse: A Liger, because I would be the only one. 

TEC: What were you like in Highschool?

Jesse: Highschool? I was a D.J. and partied a lot.

TEc: What do You like to do in your free time?

Jesse: Take care of my kids and watch them play sports.

TEc: Who Inspires you and why?

Jesse: Ginger Daddy ( boss Aaron) and my wife Jesssica. THey are both strong people that take the lead.